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Sweet Tooth Reports

Carol Spira
posted this on March 25, 2014, 09:39

NOTE: New Sweet Tooth Reports available in version Sweet Tooth 1.8

As of Sweet Tooth version 1.8, Four new reports that can be found in your Magneto admin.  These reports will help you gain a better understanding of your loyalty programs and they will also help you understand the progress of your program.  To view the following reports, navigate to Rewards > Report [beta]

  • Revenue
  • Number of Members
  • Redemption Rates
  • Earning Distribution

Besides offering these 4 new reports, you can also breakdown the reports by website to get a better understand of how your loyalty program is doing.

Sample Revenue Report

This report will show you the Total Member Revenue vs the Non-Member revenue for a set period of time.  You have the ability to sort by year, month or day depending on your criteria.  


If you want to see data from a specific time frame, you can use the tool at the bottom of the report to get a closer snapshot.


Sample Number of Members Report

This report shows you how many new loyalty members you have for a specific period of time. You have the ability to sort by year, month or day depending on your criteria.


Samples Redemption Rate Report

This report shows the rate at which your customers are redeeming their points. You can review based on website and specific points status.


Sample Earning Distribution Report

This report show the Earning Distribution based on website, behavior and point status. You have the ability to select or unselect the behaviors you want to see.

This screen shot shows you the results including the distribution of order points.



Whereas this report does not include the points from Orders.  All you need to do is unselect the circle for each of the behaviors.