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Membership Milestones

Carol Spira
posted this on October 11, 2013, 08:53

This is a new type of Milestone Rule which allows for customers who have signed-up longer than a certain period, to receive points or have their customer group changed. 


This type of rule requires the Cron to be active. The Cron action runs once a day at midnight.

The rule setup is similar to other Milestone Rules.

Rule Satisfaction

Here's how this rule behaves:

Every midnight,  a list of customers who are eligible for this milestone is gathered. A customer is considered "inactive" if:

  • their account has not been disabled
  • they are in the correct customer group according to the rule
  • they are a member of the correct website according to the rule
  • the rule hasn't been executed for them before
  • they signed up equal to or over X days ago (from today)
  • they did not already reach X days of membership before the rule start date
  • if the rule start date has not been reached yet, no customers will be eligible. 
  • if the rule end date has already passed, no customers will be eligible.
We check a customer's account creation date and compare that to the target specified by the rule.