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Purchase Share Rewarding

Carol Spira
posted this on October 9, 2013, 10:44

NOTE: This feature is only available as of Sweet Tooth Version



The Configuration is divided into 2 parts, as outlined below.

1.  Purchase Share Buttons Configuration 

This feature has a section in Sweet Tooth Configuration to enable /disable the feature and configure which social networks the purchased products will be shared on. Please note, this feature can be used without rewarding points for this action (for rewarding see the Rule Setup section below).




You should see something like the following on the front-end, notice that each product that was purchased can be shared on the social networks that are enabled in Admin Configuration section.



2. Rule Setup

To set up a rule for rewarding customers for sharing a purchase on social networks, administrators will have to create a new Customer Behavioral Rule for each social network. Currently, only Twitter and Facebook are available (Pinterest and Google+ coming soon)

Rule Information



Triggers & Conditions





NOTE: In order to reward customers for Sharing a purchased product on a social network, admins will have to enable the button as outlined in the previous section


Rewarding Limits

No limiting is needed.

How it works!

Currently, a customer will be rewarded for sharing a purchase as soon as the first product from the purchase is shared on a social network.

In the event that more than one product is purchased, each product can be shared, but points will only be rewarded for the first one. However, The customer will be rewarded for sharing a purchased product on each social network for which a rewarding rule is set up.

Store Front-End

Following images outline how this will look and work from customer's perspective. You can see that rewarding a purchased product on Twitter will reward only the first product shared. Exactly the same thing will happen for other social networks for which a rewarding rule exists.


Before Sharing


After Sharing




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Andrew Schmidbauer
NicStick Inc

Hmm, I am not sure this is working 100%. I set up the twitter share on my test site but the tweets do not seem to create the points under the accounts. Does the username of the customer need to be the same as on the Twitter Account?

January 3, 2014, 21:04