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Facebook Product Share Rewarding

Carol Spira
posted this on September 20, 2013, 14:48

This guide will walk you through setting up the Facebook Product Share Rewarding Functionality.

NOTE: This feature is available starting with version


Configuration is divided in 2 parts, as outlined below.

1. Facebook Product Share Button

We include a Facebook Share button out-of-the-box that can be enabled / disabled by administrators, without the need to set up rewarding of points for this action.



You should see something like the following on the front-end, notice the Share button and once clicked the pop-up window.


2. Facebook Product Share Rewarding

To set up a rule  To reward customers for sharing a product on Facebook, you'll have to create a new Customer Behavioral Rule as outlined in following images:





In order to reward customers for sharing a product on Facebook, as you've probably guessed, admins will have to enable the button as outlined previous section, Facebook Product Share Button.

If the administrator creates a rule to reward customers for sharing a product on Facebook and the button is not enabled, he'll get a notification when saving the rule about this requirement.

Rewarding Limits

As you will notice from this image from Facebook Product Share Button configuration section, there are some limiting options:

  • Maximum Product Share Rewards Per Day - maximum number of times a customer will be rewarded for sharing a product on Facebook. If the limit is reached the customer will still be able to share product on Facebook, but he won't be rewarded for this. 
    • Default value is set to 5.
  • Minimum Time Between Product Shares - minimum number of seconds that needs to pass between 2 product shares for the customer to be rewarded again. 
    • Default value is set to 1 second.

Store Front-End

The following images outline how this will look and work for the customers.