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Facebook Product Share Rewarding

Carol Spira
posted this on September 20, 2013 14:48

This guide will walk you through setting up the Facebook Product Share Rewarding Functionality.

NOTE: This feature is available starting with version


Configuration is divided in 2 parts, as outlined below.

1. Facebook Product Share Button

We include a Facebook Share button out-of-the-box that can be enabled / disabled by administrators, without the need to set up rewarding of points for this action (for rewarding see Facebook Product Share Rewarding section).



You should see something like the following on the front-end, notice the Share button and once clicked the pop-up window.


2. Facebook Product Share Rewarding

To set up a rule  To reward customers for sharing a product on Facebook, you'll have to create a new Customer Behavioral Rule as outlined in following images:





In order to reward customers for sharing a product on Facebook, as you've probably guessed, admins will have to enable the button as outlined previous section, Facebook Product Share Button.

If the administrator creates a rule to reward customers for sharing a product on Facebook and the button is not enabled, he'll get a notification when saving the rule about this requirement.

Rewarding Limits

As you will notice from this image from Facebook Product Share Button configuration section, there are some limiting options:

  • Maximum Product Share Rewards Per Day - maximum number of times a customer will be rewarded for sharing a product on Facebook. If the limit is reached the customer will still be able to share product on Facebook, but he won't be rewarded for this. 
    • Default value is set to 5.
  • Minimum Time Between Product Shares - minimum number of seconds that needs to pass between 2 product shares for the customer to be rewarded again. 
    • Default value is set to 1 second.

Store Front-End

The following images outline how this will look and work for the customers.