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Sweet Tooth Core Change Log

Vlad Vanca
posted this on September 3, 2013, 13:34

Release Notes - ST Rewards Connector - Version


  • [ST-898] - Option to change default email for Birthday Points through the interface
  • [ST-1721] - Progress bar colour still green and width is not the same in platform when transaction reached the limit.
  • [ST-1771] - adminhtml\default\default\template\rewards/dashboard/usage.phtml is slowing down admin page load
  • [ST-1796] - Spelling mistake at TBT_Rewardssocial.csv
  • [ST-2293] - FPC support for Customer Points Balance in header
  • [ST-2302] - My Referral Link visible even if configuration is set to Hide
  • [ST-2339] - Referral Customer Group is "Default Magento Group" instead of General
  • [ST-2353] - After updating Sweet Tooth channel is not preserved causing transactions to be sent to developer mode

Extension Conflict

  • [ST-2042] - Referral code field doesn't work on OneStepCheckout
  • [ST-2240] - Compatibility with latest Idev OneStepCheckout, v4.0.9 (should be working with v4.0.8 too)
  • [ST-2279] - Idev Onestepcheckout / AfterPay - Row Total on Order is not showing correctly.

Feature Request

  • [ST-2275] - Remove the hyperlink of the customer name when exporting Points Balance


  • [ST-2187] - Make the dashboard widget asynchronous
  • [ST-2262] - Hide Referral block in the checkout page if customer checks out as a guest and there's no rule that applies for guest orders
  • [ST-2282] - Make social buttons W3C compliant
  • [ST-2301] - Point Edit popup wording could be clearer
  • [ST-2306] - New Config setting to display a warning message for customer to login/register to be rewarded.