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Sweet Tooth Core Change Log

Vlad Vanca
posted this on July 10, 2013, 06:54

Release Notes - ST Rewards Connector - Version


  • [ST-1195] - Shopping Cart Slider rule is not behaving correctly when two or more slider rule defined.
  • [ST-1648] - Warning: curl_setopt() shows in system log
  • [ST-1763] - String "You can't spend any more points in this cart." displayed after using a non slider rule.
  • [ST-2214] - TBT output modules cannot disable (ex. TBT_Rewardssocial & TBT_RewardsReferral)
  • [ST-2241] - Wrong link to KB on Manage Transfer edit section
  • [ST-2244] - Simple Product with custom options Regular Price changes to Special Price
  • [ST-2246] - My points and Rewards Page - My Points Transfers Block Css issue in Firefox need to reduce height
  • [ST-2251] - Status of a Referred customer is not change to Made order if Customer places an order and uses Paypal Express as Payment Method
  • [ST-2256] - Referral points not approved on shipment if API is used
  • [ST-2257] - Magento Cart Promotion is deducting on Shipping Price
  • [ST-2260] - Magento EE 1.13 - Error Applying Catalog Earning/Spending rule
  • [ST-2261] - Pinterest issues with domains > 2-level prefaced with 'www'
  • [ST-2273] - Customer Points Indexer causing deadlocks under heavy traffic
  • [ST-2274] - Notification Preference points summary Block Missing in My Points and Rewards Page
  • [ST-2283] - Sweet Tooth multiple address checkout issue with Cart Rules
  • [ST-2320] - EE 1.13.x.x Saving Products issue

Feature Request

  • [ST-2044] - Customers can export to CSV file their Referrals Activities
  • [ST-2076] - Share referral invite url by twitter, facebook
  • [ST-2090] - Earn points for following us on Twitter
  • [ST-2233] - Backend Option to disable Pinterest/Twitter/+1 counters
  • [ST-2264] - Option to select Email Sender for all ST emails


  • [ST-2202] - Handle reward submodules "Disable Modules Output" setting if TBT_Rewards is not disabled
  • [ST-2227] - Connector dependencies on Platform
  • [ST-2228] - Don't upload mass import point transfers to Platform
  • [ST-2243] - Point Summary - Points Currency Display issue Ony one word is Bolded, Need to Bold entire text.
  • [ST-2254] - Translate all Rewards Social text using TBT_Rewardssocial.csv
  • [ST-2276] - Referrals Earning Table >> Column Accumulated Points in Pending approval status once an order is cancelled


  • [ST-1719] - "Server Unavailable" message worries merchants. Needs improvement.