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Sweet Tooth Core Change Log

Vlad Vanca
posted this on April 16, 2013, 15:18

Release Notes - ST Rewards Connector - Version


  • [ST-2181] - Value of the Points Spend when redeem in product pages is different on what is shown in Shopping Cart when products have custom options with price
  • [ST-2192] - "Customer Can Apply Points Before Logging In" feature is not working for Catalog Spending rule
  • [ST-2198] - Auto integration of Catalog earning and spending block is not working for Configurable product with Magento EE and below
  • [ST-2203] - Points Prediction Showing Twice for One Product in Category Page
  • [ST-2204] - Item discount and Points spend on Bundle Product is not displaying and deductin on cart (Magento EE only)
  • [ST-2207] - Free Using X points Should not be displayed if Customer Group "Not Logged in" is not selected
  • [ST-2208] - Customer Groups +VAT Tax
  • [ST-2221] - Fatal error: Class 'TBT_Rewards_Block_Adminhtml_Page_Menu
  • [ST-2224] - First name, last name and email address are not included on email fired to Affiliate if Guest Referral makes order
  • [ST-2231] - Guest order checkout error message - TBT_RewardsReferral_Model_Referral_Guestorder


  • [ST-1757] - Deprecate sweettoothstaging url in connector
  • [ST-2108] - Replace secret controller with text config option to change Platform API endpoint
  • [ST-2188] - DOB earning block need to align
  • [ST-2209] - Backend Options to disable Social buttons (Twitter, Pinterest and +1)