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Sweet Tooth Core Change Log

Vlad Vanca
posted this on March 26, 2013, 07:28

Release Notes - ST Rewards Connector - Version


  • [ST-2158] - Point Currency Image isn't working correctly
  • [ST-2195] - JS issue in Admin config section

Feature Request

  • [ST-2062] - Allow points to be earned by customer even when the referral logs in as a guest.
  • [ST-2169] - Option to select Customer Groups that will received Point Summary Email


  • [ST-2125] - Check if MageParts_Cem extension is enabled
  • [ST-2160] - Customers are receiving Points Summary Email even if they don't have points
  • [ST-2170] - All Sweet Tooth Default Email templates should use logo using variable
  • [ST-2210] - Correct typo in in Customer Referrals grid 'Referral Code`'