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Integration Guide

Sherrie Rohde
posted this on February 26, 2012 18:31

For Sweet Tooth to be usable, its display components must be available to customers who are visiting the front-end.

To offer maximum flexibility, store administrators can decide on where and how these components are visible in the front-end through injection of some code into Magento's design files. The integration guide will walk you through this process.

Integrated Content Configuration

As of Sweet Tooth 1.5, we offer a standard way to have the display components integrated into the front-end without having to inject any code into the files. This doesn't offer a lot of flexibility, but if you'd like to get Sweet Tooth up and running as fast as possible, this feature can come in very handy.

In your Magento admin, navigate to Rewards > Configuration > Other Configuration and expand the Integrated Content bar:


Manual Integration

To do a manual integration,some code will have to be injected into Magento's design files.

If you're having any problems you may want to check out the Integration Troubleshooting section.

Before Making Any Modifications to Your Templates

Warning: Do not modify files in default/default or base/default. Not only will Magento overwrite these files during an update, upgrades for Sweet Tooth also overwrite these files. Instead, follow these instructions:

  1. Create a theme directory: default/<your_theme>
  2. Copy ONLY the files you wish to modify into the exact same folder structure as they appear in the base/default directory.
    For example, to modify the product view page phtml file, 
    copy>> app/design/frontend/base/default/template/catalog/product/view.phtml 
    to>> app/design/frontend/<your_package>/<your_theme>/template/catalog/product/view.phtml.
  3. Set your theme in Magento by going to System > Configuration > Design in the admin main menu.

If Magento cannot find the phtml files in the default/<your_theme> directory it will automatically check the base/default directory.

Store Integration Instructions

In order to gain the full benefit of your Sweet Tooth rewards program on your store, we have added these steps that will integrate certain aspects into your own store's custom design. 

You don't have to do all of these. Instead, we recommend that you only do the ones you need/want.

Additional Resources Guides

Summary of templates modified for integration

Template path hints

An useful tool that many Magento designers use is template path hints. It is available from the back-end. It helps you discover what phtml file is loading in each template block. This can help show you what file needs to be customized moved or replaced.

Other Design Guides

You might find these unrelated design guides also helpful for setting up the integrated design in your store.